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  • What's working and not working about our democracy

  • Reading about communities, change, revolution, rights, resilience, justice

  • Videos, DVDs, films relevant to communities we want and those we don't want

  • The way forward:  activities, tactics and strategies

Why is Community Rights a Movement?


Gaining Community Rights is a movement in the tradition of the civil rights movement, the women's right to vote movement, the anti-slavery movement.   

"The right to community self-government is the essence of American revolutionary doctrine. But in Ohio, communities are governed by a patchwork of constitutional and statutory laws that grant unequal self-governing authority to home rule municipalities, statutory municipalities and unincorporated townships. By granting a bland and narrow spectrum of powers to these various communities, the right to local self-government is procedurally denied to Ohioans.

  • Corporations lobby our legislators, often draft legislation & give huge donations to campaigns. 

  • Is it any wonder our government issues permits that allow them to pollute our air, our water, our soil, our communities?

  • The Community Rights Movement is working to change the structure of law that allows this---from the bottom up.

How can I join the movement?

Join the conversation about Community Rights and democracy by contacting us here; or logging in on the Forum page.   If you signup for one of our Events, you'll be automatically put on our contact list, unless you request not to be put on.  If you live in Ohio, but not in Portage County, go to

You can educate yourself
  • Learn about the threats to our community

  • Learn about water, rural and urban life, business and educational opportunities in Portage that we want to protect

  • Learn about the charter and the rights it secures

You can sign the petition to put the charter on the ballot
You can donate

A recurring donation of $5 or $10 or $15 a month would be a big help.