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You can request our news "shoutouts" which will have links to important stories about democracy, sustainability, and community rights; or you can just ask  questions about the Charter or our movement. 

Privacy and Forum Contributor Policies

We will never give or sell your contact information to anyone.  We will protect your privacy as well as we can, not being professional internet experts. 


We expect any communications with PCRG to be respectful and serious inquiries.  The Forum is set up to provide an open discussion space to share ideas, books and other resources, and serious, respectful discussion of rights and democracy.    "Shoutouts" from this webpage are intended to notify those seriously interest in the Community Rights Movement.   Emails may also be sent from time to time from traditional email.  Requests to be removed from PCRG's contact lists will be honored as quickly as possible.

Where can I go to sign the petition?

While we are not actively attending Portage Events to collect signatures, we'll have petitions at all our monthly meetings, and if you want to sign, or to collect signatures among your neighbors, friends and family, contact us and we'll explain how to do it or we may be able to meet you so you can sign.

How can I join the Community Rights Movement?

Contact us to find out why we call this a "Movement," what's happening around Ohio, outside Portage and who our allies are.