• Dory Hippof

thou shalt not sue

Approximately 220 nuisance lawsuits have been filed in West Virginia (WVA) over the past 3 years against such drilling/fracking companies such as Antero Resources, EQT and Hall Drilling. WVA is considered a national energy hub, . . . .Along with the natural gas hyped promise of “jobs” and money came numerous problems to residents, including water contamination, air pollution, noise, traffic, and more. Living the drill in WVA (and elsewhere) means sleepless nights from the noise and lights coming from a well pad, it means keeping windows closed – even in the summer months – to prevent breathing in emissions. It means putting up with thousands of trucks running 24/7 up and down rural roads and kicking up dust. Residents have little recourse [under current structure of law] to stop or curtail the drilling except through the courts and this has led to the increase of filing Nuisance Lawsuits. . . . The WVA Senate is going to fix that problem by prohibiting Nuisance lawsuits. Read more at Frackorporation