• Gwen Fischer

Our Action Plan-Beginning Jan.21

We're launching monthly meetings Jan.21 at 3 pm in Ravenna's Reed Library. We believe the system is fixed and needs to be changed. Our plan is to drive democracy into our legal system. We're working on changing our county government that asserts that corporations are not people and that humans have rights, but corporations only have privileges. We're linked with communities across Ohio and the nation. We want to work with likewise groups.

Our core group has formed a committee to work with lawyers to craft a County Charter that satisfies the Ohio Supreme Court's objections to the 2016 Charter. We want to retain our existing County government, but with more authority to actually protect Portage residents and resources. Contact us if you want to join us. Beginning in February, meetings will be at 3 pm on the third Sunday of every month. Learn about our rights, our legal system, find out what you can do.

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