• Brandi Ball

OSU Geologist Tells Legislators Wastewater-quake Link Is ‘Convincing’

According to an Oklahoma State University professor, the state has experienced “the largest change in seismicity in history.”  “We should be having two magnitude-3 or greater earthquakes per year, but we’re having about two a day,” Dr. Todd Halihan told legislators last week. . . . For 30 years, 1978-2008, Oklahoma experienced an average of two magnitude-3.0 earthquakes per year. But that frequency has soared. The Oklahoma Geological Survey recorded:

** 510 magnitude-3 or greater temblors between January 1, 2016 and October 4, 2016; nine tremors of magnitude-4 or greater; and two magnitude-5 or greater earthquakes (a 5.1 in Woods County on Feb. 13 and the state-record magnitude-5.8 in Pawnee County on Sept. 3).

** 877 earthquakes of magnitude-3 or greater; and 29 of magnitude-4 or greater last year.

** 565 earthquakes of magnitude-3 or greater and 14 of magnitude-4 or greater in 2014. Read the full article.

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