Corporate Interests Are Writing Our Laws

Corporate interests and groups like ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) are writing laws which state and federal legislators are adopting that protect corporations. Across America, the residents of cities are attempting to propose and pass legislation to form the kind of community they want. This is the essence of democracy: under a broad umbrella that protects the basic rights of individuals, local communities should have governments that enact laws the residents want. But states (often using legislation suggested by ALEC) are "preempting" local communities from making the choices they want in their community.

On issues ranging from banning "puppy mills" or the use of plastic bags, to raising the minimum wage, exercising local control over fossil fuel and waste injection, supporting workers' rights, or preventing discrimination, state legislatures in at least 29 states have introduced bills to block local control, according to The Center for Media and Democracy. Local rights groups like Portage Community Rights Group are networked across Ohio and across the nation in over 200 local communities, and networked in seven different states. JOIN US.

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