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Oil- and gas-drilling companies now threaten the ecological stability of the Wayne National Forest. Streams and lakes that have carried fresh water for centuries now face the prospect of devastating and irrevocable contamination by fracking.

On May 31 2017, we begin camping to defend Wayne forest from all fracking and oil operations.

Together, we will impede, delay, and halt fracking operations. We will stand in the way of destruction that strips the land bare for fracking: clear-cutting the forest, laying asphalt, gravel, and plastic all over the earth's surface.

We are a diverse and growing community committed to protecting clean water and the sanctuary of Ohio's only National Forest.

At Standing Rock, Energy Transfer Partners displayed their complete disregard for the lives of indigenous people. ETP showed how far the corporation will go for its investors, and what it is willing to take from others for profit. Now, ETP's new Rover pipeline spills 4 million gallons of toxic waste into Ohio wetlands. Poisoned wetlands feed poisoned water into our communities, rendering our land and water too toxic for planting or leisure.

As ETP and companies like them begin operations in southeast Ohio, there may be more jobs in oil. These jobs are not an opportunity for us; they are a way to enlist a community in its own destruction. A way to convince us that poisoning the water, air, and land is somehow good for our families, friends, and neighbors.

On May 31st, we begin to demonstrate through day-to-day life in camp that we can provide for each other without poisoning ourselves. We will not allow the fracking industry to continue their work in peace.

For camp scheduling, donation and other info, find us online at defendwayneforest.com. Check out our twitter- @wayneforest1 and facebook- @defendwayneforest for real-time updates on the local situation.

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