• Kelly Byer CantonRep.com staff writer

Canton Officials Monitoring Water During Rover Investigation

The city’s Sugarcreek water supply has not been contaminated by Rover Pipeline drilling fluid, and administrators are working to keep it that way. Tyler Converse, superintendent of the Canton Water Department, told City Council on Monday that the water supply should not be disrupted as the city lessens pumping from the aquifer.

The aquifer, an underground water source, is one of three used by the city. It’s near a quarry where Rover Pipeline drilling fluid had been deposited.

After a spill at wetlands south of Navarre, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency investigated and found diesel fuel in the fluid.

The state contacted the city June 1 to report that fluid from the wetlands was dumped in the quarry. A sample of that fluid showed low levels of chemicals indicative of diesel fuel, said Public Service Director William Bartos. Read more.

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