Legal Deadlines:

Fri. June 29; to turn the signatures in to the Portage Board of Elections for preliminary validation; if we're short a relatively small number of signatures, we have the opportunity to collect more.

Second Legal Deadline July 13; the signatures must then be turned in to the County Commissioners, who certify they have received them and then send them for final validation by the Board of Elections.  PCRG Committee will collect outstanding petitions a day early so they can be scanned & checked for accuracy of numbers.

PCRG Deadlines:  

June 24th, We'll collect completed petitions and check for sufficient signatures.  If we have sufficient signatures, we can turn them in to the Board of Elections for preliminary checking on validity.

July 10th, Ravenna's Reed Library.  We'll collect ALL petitions, no matter how few signatures they have, scan and check them before turning them in July 13th.

# of valid Signatures required: 6066.  Number we should collect:  7886.

We need to collect 25% to 30% extra.   People sometimes sign forgetting that they moved since they last voted and have not reregistered; sometimes the signature and address is illegible and therefore cannot be checked.


If you find any other events, please email them to us and they will be added to this list. It will be updated each week and emailed to anyone willing to gather signatures.


General locations for gathering signatures: In front of Libraries and DMVs. Any public sidewalk, especially downtowns with a lot of traffic. Public parks and bike/hike trail entrances.  To collect signatures on private property, you need permission from the owner.

Portage Libraries are good places to collect signatures.  You need to know the library policies.  The most basic policy is that signature collecting can only be done in the parking lot.  Click here for specific policies.

Portage Events.  

Note that PCRG can only collect signatures if we have volunteers to do so.  

Contact Damen here

so we know you can be there.

If you're inexperienced, we'll pair you up with one of our experienced PCRG members,