Special Collaborative Events

Community Rights Conference: Growing Roots and Rights for Just Communities

September 29th, 2018, Ohio Community Rights Network hosted its first annual state-wide conference (in Columbus) to bring together Ohio communities with other state and national groups fighting to protect human rights, environmental rights, and community rights.   Excellent conversation, thought-provoking keynote speeches, great people to meet.

April, 2017    OH-PA Communities Rising:  Defying Corporations

The Communities Rising Tour, April, 2017 was a collaboration among four communities who don't want pipelines, waste injection wells and other infrastructure in their communities and have decided they are going to legalize democracy by enacting home rule legislation that asserts their rights.

Speakers included:

Ken Ward, of Climate Disobedience, has been working to protect against tar sands oil and coal shipments on the west coast.  

Residents of four OH and PA communities, who have been protecting their communities

Thomas Linzey, of  CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund), has been working with grassroots organizations in over 200 communities across the United States and in other countries to legalize democracy.

More and more communities are rising up to declare their rights.