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Complementary Currencies

As  PCRG explores directions towards a more equitable, democratic future that might mitigate or solve some of the problems of the "old normal," we might explore complementary currencies.  If we move in the general direction of "commoning" as our vision of the future, we certainly ought to explore the use of complementary currencies.

Some communities have created ​physical or digital representations as media of exchange.  In the US there are versions in 40 states​.  These are typically localized within geographical boundaries,  a business, a club or association.  Timebanks are often considered a complementary currency.

Local Currencies = Community Currencies = Complementary Currencies

Complementary Currencies circulate alongside other currencies in an economy. They are designed to fulfill monetary needs that are ignored by fiat money and improve the overall health of the economy and society. They include barter currencies, parallel currencies, alternative currencies, time banks, and many other forms of exchange.  Read More

Here are some additional sources.

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