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Ways the Old Normal Failed

We're in the middle of triple linked crises:  Climate Disruption, the Health Pandemic, and the Unsustainable, Unequal Economy.  Particularly the COVID-19 Pandemic has laid bare the underlying systemic racism, an unsustainable economic system that has ravished our environment, created climate disruption, and so many other failures of the promise of the Declaration of Independence.

These three crises have made clear :  We cannot go back to the old normal.  With  unsustainable destruction of our environment, an unsustainable economy, systemic racism, and a global pandemic we have to envision a new way to live in the future, because the future is being determined for us.

If you want evidence of the failure of the old normal, click on each of the first three images below for a partial list.    


If you want to know why we think voting isn't enough to fix those failures, click on the fourth image.

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