Envisioning the Future

Although the world is on hold for the pandemic, some core PCRG members are thinking about the future.  Some are keeping track of the current political situation and looking to November, or the easing of the pandemic need for physical distancing.  Others have been exploring alternative futures in which PCRG might play a role. ​

We're continuing work with OHCRN to educate about the need to change our legal system if we want to secure rights such as citizen initiative, local control of the communities we live in.    One possibility is to continue the work to enact a county charter, especially focusing on Rights of Nature.


 Alternatively, we might work to reconceptualize communities by linking to people around the world who have already created communities that embody the best of what we envision a community to be.  Below are some visions for the future, with links to information or communities already practicing their vision of the future.