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Envisioning the Future

Digital Commons

As PCRG explores our direction for the future, virtual meetings with people geographically far apart are likely to become the norm.​  While the digital commons more properly refers to the community of open space and open source programming, we ought to be increasingly aware of the corporate dominance of our use of digital communities.  At the same time, we can also make use of these digital platforms to build communities of like-minded people, curious to learn about ways we can make all communities more equitable and democratic. 

Mayo Fuster Morell proposed a definition of digital commons as "information and knowledge resources that are collectively created and owned or shared between or among a community and that tend to be non-exclusive, that is, be (generally freely) available to third parties. Thus, they are oriented to favor use and reuse, rather than to exchange as a commodity. Additionally, the community of people building them can intervene in the governing of their interaction processes and of their shared resources."  [Wikipedia}

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